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Posted by Calvin Jones on

Hello everyone and welcome.

  As our website slowly grows we plan to use this blog section to add more content and information about our equipment, our tech, and extraction in general. 

  We will showcase certain products, like our filter spools, or live resin material columns, various heat exchangers, chillers, heaters or our Medium Hexapod extractor. As well as discuss our techniques liquid co2 use in our systems, nitrogen assist, and passive recovery. Each blog being an opportunity to learn more and ask questions our tech and processes. 

    We hope to provide some useful information and share in conversation with you all.

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  • Yo guys been awhile. It’s Nate with Subx. Lost half my contacts. Trying to see how Boris has been. I’m laid up as I crushed my L1 at the hill last week. Tell him to drop a line. How Cassie, Calvin and kyle doing??

    nathan jorgensen on

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