Our hydrocarbon systems are multi-solvent and designed to run butane, isobutane, and propane blends, with options to run pure propane. These machines can be used to make live-resin, shatter, badder, sauce, and crude.

Our systems are highly modular, podular, and scaleable. The are available standard in MONO-RACK and MULTI-RACK configurations. See the sub-menus for classification by type and size. Custom configurations are also available.

SMALL Material columns are 4/5 x 36", 6L volume, and hold 3-5 lbs

MEDIUM Material columns are 5/6 x 42", 12L volume, and hold 5-10lbs

LARGE Material columns are 6/8 x 48", 20L volume, and hold 10-20lbs

XLARGE Material columns are 10/12 x 42", 40L volume, and hold 15-25lbs