Driven by a lifelong love of science and cannabis, Boris originally sought to design extraction equipment that suited his own needs for a customizable and scalable system that was unavailable on the market. His experimentation with early extraction equipment led Boris to develop unique features for the bizzybee closed loop extractors. By pioneering liquid CO2 refrigeration for cold extraction and dewaxing, as well as high-rate passive recovery, he gave birth to his beest extraction systems. Quickly, his own equipment was in high demand; extractors liked what they saw with Boris’ work and wanted his equipment in their own labs. He sought to design systems that operators would find pleasure in running and that could produce high quality extracts, all the while never compromising on safety, functionality, and design aesthetics.


In 2015, bizzybee LLC was established in Washington State. The bizzybee crew is a small, hardworking group of people who are passionate about cannabis and have dedicated themselves to the craft of extraction by designing and manufacturing customizable systems for all extraction needs.