Custom Solutions

The challenge of scale is neither trivial nor linear. To get to the next level of scale, beyond 500-1000 lbs per day, a new paradigm of extraction is needed. We are working on something revolutionary: a breakthrough in processing technique to allow 10-100x increases in productivity, with reduction in labor required.

We are currently building proof-of-concept, demonstration systems at 1/5th to 1/10th scale: 100 kg per hour, continuous feed, self-discharging process trains, for hemp and cannabis. These unit operations scale to 1000 kg per hour and beyond. This will allow us to build automated pilot plants that process 2 tons per day, scaling up to 20-200 ton per day. You are only limited by your budget.


Bizzybeez Custom Solutions allows customers to create an optimal machine for any use case. From factory scale to small batch, we can turn your whiteboard drawings into reality.
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