Data Sheets and Capacity Tables

Here is our collection of data sheets for the different system models that we make.

As well as Capacity Tables for each model size. 

BizzyBee Extractors come in multiple shapes and sizes.

There are single rack systems were all the material, solvent, collection, etc. columns are positioned on a single Quad or Hex rack. 
Multi Rack systems start with a main Hex rack with all the solvent columns, molecular sieve, dewaxers, heat exchangers, and collection columns mounted on it for processing. We call this a Utility Rack.  The material columns are placed on their own rack/s for mobility and easy loading and unloading. 
The sizing of "Small, Medium, and Large" Beests references the size of the material column. A Small has a 2-4 lb column. A Medium is based around the 7-10 lb column. The Large has a 10-15 lb material column. Each size system can have more than one material column. Size and number of columns will determine the hourly and daily production rates.

Read Our About Us for more information on our systems designs.

Follow the links below for Spec sheets on our different sized models.


Small Beest Specs

Medium Beest Specs
Beest Size Capacity Production Tables