Bizzybee extractors

We manufacture cannabis extractors that are designed to be versatile, expandable, and certified safe. Our systems are compatible with a variety of effective heating and cooling methods. The versatility of our equipment combined with precise temperature control gives operators the ability to fine-tune their extraction procedures like no other systems on the market.

Systems can be small, medium, or large in size and arranged as single or multi-racks. We have defined upgrade pathways that make adding on and expanding systems easy and straightforward. 

All systems and their components are certified by a third-party engineer firm to ensure they meet all safety and quality standards.


Our Store

We offer a variety of parts that can be incorporated into existing bizzybee systems or systems made by other manufacturers. In addition to expanding your system, we also offer replacement parts for routine maintenance and consumable items to keep extraction systems safe and efficient. From nuts and bolts to sight glasses and filter spools, we have you covered.


our affiliates

Build out your lab with the right gear! We work with some of the largest suppliers of processing equipment in the industry. Whether its vacuum ovens or entire extraction booths, we can point you in the right direction.