Hydrocarbon Systems

Bizzybee manufactures high-quality hydrocarbon extractors that are modular, versatile, expandable, and certified safe. The modularity is expressed through scalable and customizable system designs, where vessels are selected and arranged based on volumetrics and processing efficiency. Their versatility allows for a variety of effective heating and cooling methods as well as the ability to make any desired hydrocarbon extract end product. Bizzybee extraction systems can be small, medium, or large, based on the columns’ sizes, and arranged as Single and Multi racks, depending on how many racks are included in the build.

Our extractors have defined upgrade pathways that make adding on and expanding systems easy and straightforward. Systems can expand “up” by replacing small columns for larger ones of the same type, and/or expand “out” by adding more columns to increase capacity. Hardware never becomes outdated or obsolete as systems can always be added to in order to increase production as your business grows. 

All the components and the individual extraction systems are certified by a third-party engineer firm that ensures they meet all safety and quality standards. This third-party engineering firm has created an extensive review of all the parts and components that Bizzybee creates and uses. Together we have failure tested all Bizzybee equipment hydrostatically and with Solidworks software analysis. This engineering firm has compiled the Engineer Peer Review for our equipment and creates the Certificates of Conformance for each individual system. They have certification stamps throughout the country and work closely with authorized jurisdictions in all legalized states.