Hydrocarbon Systems

Bizzybee’s main focus has been designing and manufacturing high quality, scalable hydrocarbon extraction equipment. We design custom hardware, including columns, tanks, rack-frame, spools, and caps. These customizations allow for standard operating procedures that are efficient and proficient at low-temperature hydrocarbon extraction. We continue to lead the industry with the most customizable, modular, and scalable certified equipment. We provide the highest quality extractors to make the best quality extracts. 


Solvent Recovery

Passive recovery has always been a cornerstone of Bizzybee extraction equipment.

Our recovery systems are incorporated into our extractors but can also be added to other extractors to boost recovery rates.

Discover our modular solvent recovery options, including our Electro-passive recovery rack and our hydrocarbon or ethanol falling film evaporators.



In 2018 Bizzybee expanded into the ethanol equipment market by designing our Ethanol Falling Film, which became one of the most popular ethanol recovery systems in the industry.

Bizzybee continues to provide our ethanol falling film as a solution for large scale ethanol recovery.

Bizzybee created a partnership to start an ethanol equipment supply company named Accurate Extraction. Through this partnership we provide third party ethanol processing equipment and lab consulting for installs and operation.