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Huber CS 200 chiller, 20kW at 10°C (to replace CO₂ for recovery)

The new CS chillers expand the Huber product range with compact and highly affordable recirculating coolers. The Huber CS chillers combine cool and smart technology in one unit. The new chillers further reduce water consumption and lower the operating costs for many applications. The investment pays itself off after a short time because of the water savings and the low purchase price.

Your advantages:

  Working temperature
from -20 °C to +22 °C
              Quiet operation
less than 78 db
Cooling power
up to 30 kW
  Economic and ecological solution 
to eliminate costly water waste
  Pump performance
up to 125 l/min

  Easy to use and
maintenance free

With a cooling power up to 30 kW, the devices are particularly suited for constant temperature control for laboratory applications, e.g. for cooling vacuum pumps, rotary evaporators, electron microscopy, AAS-devices, ICP-devices, extraction, distillation and many more.

  Technical Data

Temp Range (°C)

-20 to 22
Tank Size (l) 300 
Pump Max (l/min) | (bar)

125 | 4.2
Cooling Power (kW) at (°C) 30 | 20 | 18 | 15 | 9.5
Noise Level 78 db
Dimensions (W x D x H)

55.1" x 39.4" x 70.9"
Cat Number

G 3
Price USD $46,500.00

All models are air-cooled and with refrigerant R404A.