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bThe BZB Silver Serpent Falling Film Evaporator recovers ethanol at up to 225 L per hour (60 gph) with 36kW or 48kW of heating and 10 or 16 Tons of cooling. Greater heating and cooling available by request. 

3rd Party Engineer Peer Reviewed, approved for both ethanol and heptane.

+$5k for on-site training and install. Lead time is 4-6 weeks.


  • 36 or 48kW heater: 60A 480v 3~
  • 10 or 16 ton chiller: 30A 480v 3~
  • Vacuum pump and regulator: 5A 115v 1~
  • Liquid pumps and panel: 5A 115v 1~ 

The rack itself takes up 3' x 3' on the floor. The chiller and heater are that large again, and need to be placed outside of the C1D2 area.


Falling Film Evaporator

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