Bizzybee has partnered with Accurate Extraction in offering top of the line ethanol extraction systems. Accurate Extraction provides innovative extraction equipment and technological expertise. Their team's engineering know-how encompasses a variety of extraction and solvent recovery methods that fit your budget. They guide you step by step through the lab build-out, equipment, staffing, and compliance process to ensure your company has everything you need to begin extracting. 

Utilizing their industry-redefining centrifuge extraction technology, they work to meet your production needs with accuracy and efficiency. Centrifuges are designed for low-temperature ethanol hemp extraction processes, are easy to operate and maintain, and can be flexibly configured according to customer requirements.

Laboratory instruments for ethanol extraction typically include heating elements, various glassware, chillers, and vacuum pumps, all of which Accurate Extraction is happy to offer and can customize to meet individual production needs.