Hydrocarbon systems

Bizzybee’s main focus has been designing and manufacturing high quality, scalable hydrocarbon extraction equipment. We design custom hardware, including columns, tanks, rack-frame, spools, and caps. These customizations allow for standard operating procedures that are efficient and proficient at low-temperature hydrocarbon extraction.


Solvent recovery

Early on, our hydrocarbon systems could be repurposed as ethanol extractors to produce winterized ethanol extracts. As the hemp industry expanded throughout the country in 2018, there was a larger demand for ethanol processes and evaporation. Bizzybee developed a falling film evaporator (AKA Silver Serpent™) to keep up with the demand for ethanol recovery and replace the standard rotary evaporator method.


Ethanol Extraction

The production of the falling film led to Bizzybee forming a partner company named Accurate Extraction (AE). AE focuses on selling a wide range of new and used ethanol processing equipment including the Bizzybee falling film.