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The Bizzybee Hexapod is a hydrocarbon extraction system with 6 to 8 rack mounted columns and a ground tank. This unit provides everything necessary for low temp, dewaxed extraction of cured and fresh frozen material, as well as performing passive solvent recovery. 

A Hexapod consists of 2x material columns, 2x solvent columns, a Collection vessel, a molecular sieve and a solvent tank. A heat exchanger and filtration column (CRC) are optional columns that can be added to the rack at any time to fully upgrade the unit.

There are several options and upgrades that determine the scale of a Hexapod; including the size of the processing hardware, and the methods used for low temp cooling and passive solvent recovery. Depending on these options the Hexapod can range in extraction production from roughly 40lbs to a little more than 100lbs per 8-10 hour work shift.

Hardware options:

  • 3/8" or 1/2” fittings, valves, hoses and cap ports.
  • pair of material column.  3lbs, 6lbs, or 9lbs each
  • pair of solvent columns. 15lbs or 25lbs each
  • 50lb or 75lb solvent tank
  • 3-phase circulating water heater included

Low temp cooling options:

  • liquid co2 in jacketed solvent columns
  • multiple low temp chiller options

Solvent recovery options: 

  • liquid co2 in jacketed solvent columns.
  • electro Passive recovery, heat exchanger and air cooled chiller
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