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Semi-Automatic Jar Filling Machine

The days of hand-gramming concentrates are over. Our semi-automatic jar filling machine can simultaneously fill and weight check up to 500 1g jars an hour. With a software-integrated scale, precision dispensing, and quick reservoir changeovers, the Dab Dispenser streamlines your packaging workflow and delivers ±1% fill accuracy with minimal waste and maximum quality control. The nitrogen-pressurized stainless steel reservoir and no-to-low heat design protects your concentrates against oxidation and evaporation, preserving the quality, consistency, and flavor of your dabs for the ultimate customer experience.

The Dab Dispenser can dispense badder, butter, sauce, jam/jelly, live or cured rosin, live or cured resin, and most extracts with crystals under 3mm swimming in terpenes. Contact our crew for a consultation and COA review to ensure your formulations are compatible.